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Mass Times 13 Apr - 20 Apr

St Mary's

Sat     12

12.10 pm (6.00 pm First Mass of Sunday)

Sun    13

11.30 am

Mon   14

12.10 pm

Tue    15

12.10 pm

Wed  16

12.10 pm

Thur  17

No Mass Here today.
Mass of the Lord’s Supper 7.30 pm
(at St Oswald’s, Padgate)

Fri     18

3.00 pm The Lord’s Passion

St Benedict's

 Sun   13

9.15 am, (3.30 pm Polish)

 Wed  16

9.00 am

 Sat   19

9.00 pm Easter Vigil at St Mary’s & St Benedict’s

We Welcome Children At Sunday morning Masses at St Benedict's and St Mary's, after the formal greeting, our children are invited to leave for their own special Liturgy of the Word. The Bible readings for the day are shared with them in a way appropriate to their age. They have activities related to the Gospel. At the offertory they are welcomed back to rejoin their parents and the congregation for the rest of the Mass. If you would like to know more about our Children's Liturgy Team click here.

Liturgy of the Word & Eucharist

St Benedict's

Monday - Friday


(when there is no Mass, see newsletter HERE for more details)


St Mary's


10.00 am - 12.00pm


St Mary's


4.30 pm

St Benedict's

Monday - Friday

8.40 am

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